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Are Cordless Impact Wrenches Any Good

BySomiala Obgorto

Oct 18, 2022

The beauty of an impact wrench is its ability to bust any stubborn nut. However, when the short cord of the tool does not allow the users to walk all the way to their project, frustration replaces giddiness. Situations like these make people wonder if they should have gone for a cordless impact wrench.


If you are one of those who questioned ‘are cordless impact wrenches any good’ at the time of purchase, then do not fret, you are not alone. I have also been in that boat, and from my experience, they are a handy tool. Especially, when you need to work away from your regular workstation.


No doubt, corded impact wrenches offer many benefits. However, there are still some things that cordless impact wrenches bring to the table that a corded model fails to. Needless to say, summing them all up in a quick and few words will be unjust. Therefore, read the article below to find out whether cordless impact wrenches are any good or not.

Are Cordless Impact Wrenches Any Good

Yes, cordless impact wrenches are an excellent tool, and the factors below will tell you why.

Cordless Impact Wrenches

As the name implies, cordless impact wrenches come without a cord. These models operate on batteries, which eliminates the heaps of wires and cords. Some models come with rechargeable batteries, while others have ones that need to be replaced once they complete their span. Cordless impact wrenches come in different sizes, similar to corded models.

What Makes Cordless Impact Wrenches Worth The Bucks?

I have often seen many novices question whether the absence of wires is the only difference that makes a cordless impact wrench worth the bucks. However, that is simply not true. There are many differences between the two. Some of them are so nifty that they make a cordless impact wrench a must-have in your garage. A cordless model yields many features that make it worth every last penny.


The first benefit of a cordless impact wrench that makes it worth the purchase is its portability. Due to the lack of a cord, a cordless impact wrench can be moved anywhere. Therefore, if the user needs to work away from their regular station, they can easily do that. Not to mention, the users also do not have to search for an electrical outlet close by in order to operate their tool. They can even keep it in their car trunk and take it wherever they go. So, even if they need the assistance of this tool on the side of a road, they can easily use it.

Comfortable Usage

When you eliminate heaps of cords and wires from a picture, you get hassle-free usage. Cordless impact wrenches can be used with ease anywhere around the house, garage or even off-road places. These models are operated on batteries, so all you need to do is press the trigger and voila. There is no need to bust out an air compressor or find a power outlet. The comfortable rubber grip that most models come with makes it even easier to hold these tools for a longer duration.

Easy Storage

Despite the addition of batteries to their bodies, cordless impact wrenches have a much smaller design than a corded model. Therefore, a cordless impact wrench can even fit into smaller areas, making it possible for you to work in compact spaces without any issues. The small design also makes storage of the tool easier.


Even though a cordless impact wrench can not deliver as much power as a corded model, it still offers quite a lot. In fact, the power output of these models is enough to make them suitable for automotive work, and even many other jobs. The torque and power output of these models is quite impressive. So whether there is a larger vehicle that needs its bolts removed or any other machine, you always count on your cordless models to have your back. It may take a few seconds longer than a corded model, but it will always get rid of that stubborn nut for you.

Restrictions Of Cordless Impact Wrenches

As cordless models operate on batteries, they tend to weigh more than a corded impact wrench. The addition of batteries to the body increases the overall weight of these tools. Furthermore, the users need to change the batteries of their cordless impact wrenches after a while. Not to mention, cordless impact wrenches come with a hefty price tag dangling from them. Despite all of this, if you are someone who needs a tool for the road, then a cordless model is the one for you.

Best Models Of Cordless Impact Wrenches

Even with all of these amazing perks, investing your hard-earned money in the first model you see is folly. You need to go for the best cordless impact wrenches to avail all the above-mentioned advantages.


The DEWALT DCF899HB comes with a hog ring anvil of ½ inch size. The brushless motor combined with the lithium-ion batteries is capable of delivering a maximum of 700 ft/lbs of torque. The best feature of this model is that it comes with 3 different speed levels that can be adjusted easily.

Ryobi P261K

This model of Ryobi comes bearing ½ inch anvil size making it ideal for various jobs. In addition to that, the manufacturers have also added rechargeable batteries along with the charger into the package. The 300 ft/lbs torque output of this model makes it ideal for various jobs.



A cordless impact wrench is quite a handy tool as it comes bearing many amazing perks. However, due to a few restrictions, these models may not be ideal for every user out there. Therefore, if you are questioning whether a cordless impact wrench is any good, then first you need to read the article above and decide after that whether these tools meet the criteria of your needs.


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