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Best 1 Inch Impact Wrench of 2022 – Top Rated Picks Only

BySomiala Obgorto

Apr 14, 2020

Best 1 Inch Impact Wrench

The right tools are necessary for highly specialized maintenance jobs. These can range from removing stubborn lug nuts to rusted crankshaft bolts- applications that require thundering torque output and durable build quality.

With the wrong tool in hand, these tasks appear as insurmountable, but when you have the Best 1 Inch Impact Wrench no task is out of sight.

1 Inch Impact Wrenches are heavy-duty tools. With a whopping torque output and a staggering impact force, the most resistive fastening jobs can be treaded with ease. The versatility that these tools offer is also exemplary.

Essentially, 1-inch Impact Wrenches are the most fundamental addition to any workshop, industrial assembly line, and auto repair center. These power-tools form the foundation of any such venture, providing the necessary power to breeze through jobs with minimum labor and effort.

Best 1 Inch Impact Wrench of 2022 Reviews

In this comprehensive review, we have condensed our picks to only the best 1 Inch Impact Wrenches. After evaluating a wide range of products, and evaluating the merit of the most essential features, we have also developed a tailor-made buying guide to suit your demands. Its time to put a move on and get to work.

1.  Ingersoll Rand 285B-6 Heavy Duty 1 inch Impact Wrench

The most demanding automotive and industrial tasks require sheer performance and efficiency. The Ingersoll Rand 285B-6 Impact Wrench delivers sheer power with a host of other features. With a combination of heavy-duty torque output and stable control, this impact wrench is a perfect choice for equipment repair and engaging automotive work.

This 1 inch impact wrench is powered by a unique six vane motor. This device can deliver the power required for extra-tight fastenings, rusted bolt removal, and other extreme applications. Delivering 1,475 foot-pounds of maximum torque and 1,000 foot-pounds of fast torque, the power developed is enough for even the most stubborn nuts.

The high-power torque delivery is also expertly controlled by a feather touch trigger. This extension offers fine control over the stability of torque. For jobs that require extra accuracy, the two handles on this impact wrench makes it ideal. With expert maneuverability, the swept back and the top-mounted handle offers additional leverage for intricate jobs.

Along with its torque generation and stable working, this impact wrench is also durable and easy to use. The structure of this tool features a rugged metal and plastic construction, that can endure the harshest of job exposure. For added operational convenience, the swiveling inlet prevents air compressor hose from entangling.


  • Heavy torque output
  • Great control and stability
  • Rugged and durable build quality


  • Pneumatic hence requires air compressor power


The Ingersoll Rand 1 Inch Impact Wrench is a great tool for almost every application. Its thundering torque output makes it fit for heavy-duty jobs such as removing the most stubborn nuts. The feather touch trigger filters out torque to make it stable. The only drawback is a lack of a rocker switch for forward and reverse torque shifting modes.


2.  Chicago Pneumatic Heavy Duty 1 Inch Impact Wrench

The Chicago Pneumatic 1 Inch Impact Wrench offers exceptional power, while not compromising on efficiency. With its high-efficiency motor and a sturdy clutch mechanism, users get the foundation to perform even the most grueling fastening tasks. These heavy-duty jobs can also include the toughest jobs on large vehicles.

The value of torque for this impact wrench clocks at 1920 foot-pounds, which is more than enough even for rusted bolts and nuts. Also, the handy six-inch extension on the anvil enables versatility in accessing even the most remote lug nuts. With its full releasing trigger, the torque delivered to the fastening jobs is steady and powerful.

Featuring a three power-position setting, users are offered convenience. Simply switch between power values to ensure that the torque value is sufficient for the job undertaken. Furthermore, the forward and reverse rocker switch is a great feature to juggle between torque directions, for both fastening and releasing.

Comfort is never put at bay when using this 1-inch impact wrench. The ergonomic side handle gives a comfortable holding experience and prevents excessive stress during extended usage. With an extension hole friction ring, any socket or extension is held firmly in the clutches, making sure that torque delivery is smooth and stable.


  • Rocking dog impact mechanism for powerful torque generation
  • Dual socket retention offers convenience
  • Ergonomic side handle is comfortable to grip


  • Does not offer a design consideration for compressor hose inlet


The Chicago Pneumatic 1 Inch Impact Wrench is a durable choice for tough fastening tasks. With its reinforced dog impact mechanism, users get thundering torque for the most grueling fastening tasks. The ergonomic side handle and design makes the experience comfortable overall. In its entirety, this is one of the best 1-inch Impact Wrench.


3.  Goplus 1 Inch Impact Wrench Gun

The structural materials packed within the GoPlus 1 Inch Impact Wrench make it very durable. Made of high strength aluminum alloy that is treated with an anti-rust and corrosion finish, this impact wrench can endure the harshest of use. Its long-lasting lifespan makes it a fit companion in any repair shop or garage.

Working at a maximum air pressure of 175 psi, the speed rating of this impact wrench clocks at 4200RPM. Also, the torque generation is no less. With a maximum value of 1900 foot-pounds, this power tool can breeze through the most stubborn nuts. Designed for both domestic and commercial use, this impact wrench is perfect for general bodywork on truck tires changes and industrial equipment.

This power tool is very easy to operate as well. It has an innovative design that saves the effort put in by its wielders. The easy to use auxiliary handle gives a comfortable holding experience and prevents excessive stress accumulation after long hours of usage. It also comes with a one-inch square drive for versatile operation.

The GoPlus Impact Wrench also comes with a wide range of accessories. The package includes two sockets of different sizes to undertake different fastening projects, and an NPT air inlet as well. To facilitate its maintenance, the package also includes an internal hexagonal wrench and a Mobil-oil pot.


  • High-Quality build durability owing to an aluminum frame
  • Labor-saving air impact design
  • Comes with all accessories


  • Does not have a forward-reverse rocker switch


The GoPlus Air Impact Wrench is made from the most sturdy materials. With an aluminum alloy frame, it can endure harsh jobs and working conditions. Its design also offers comfort and operational ease. The only drawback is the absence of a torque directional switch. In its entirety, it is a dependable 1-Inch Impact Wrench.


4.  Aircat 1 Inch Impact Tool

Aircat prides itself on being a considerable force in the most significant advances of pneumatic tools. With over thirty years of innovating experience, this company has developed top-notch power tools, and the 1-inch impact wrench is no less.

Featuring a powerful torque mechanism that clocks at a maximum value of 1,800ft-lbs, this impact wrench delivers enough power for even the most stubborn lug nuts. Torque is coupled with a hard-hitting pin-less hammer that can also generate enough impact force. With a combined reverse and forward power switch, users can undertake both fastening and loosening projects.

This impact wrench also has a durable build quality. Packing an aluminum alloy housing and hammer case, the strength of its structure is enough to withstand rough repair jobs with ease. The enlarged inner cavity of the D shaped handle is also very comfortable to hold for long working hours.

For ultimate reliability, and a long-lasting companionship this power tool has a triple heated allow steel hammer mechanism. The mixture of alloys include nickel, chromium, and Molybdenum. Overall, the structural anvil and combined friction ring can firmly grip every extension fitted inside, offering operational stability.


  • High torque value
  • Hard-hitting hammer mechanism
  • Durable build quality with an alloy mixture


  • Does not have a variable power setting


The Aircat 1 inch Impact Wrench boasts comprehensive features that make it one of the best 1 Inch Impact wrench. Its unique build-quality that is a mixture of three metals makes it very reliable. The hard-hitting impact mechanism can generate a lot of impact force for the most grueling applications.


5.  Mophorn 1 Inch Pneumatic Impact Wrench

The Mophorn Impact Wrench is a superior power tool with the max torque of 5800Nm. This heavy-duty tool is suitable for commercial and agricultural vehicle use. Featuring an extended anvil, straight pattern and top side exhaust it can easily access the most intricate of regions for fastening.

This air impact wrench gun is also equipped with a side handle and spring balance hoop for operational ease. Being a very dependable heavy-duty impact wrench, it is ideal for busy garages, car workshops, and tire stores. Optimized with the right weight distribution, this power-tool can balance itself for the heaviest jobs.

The best part about this tool is its ability to work with low-air pressure compressors as well. Even if you have a small capacity compressor, this impact wrench can sustain its torque and really hit hard on the most stubborn lug nuts. Furthermore, with its thundering work efficiency users are saved both time and effort.

Lastly, the build quality of this 1-inch impact wrench is exceptionally good. It features a composite material build that is both enduring under the wake of brute force and long-lasting. With its decent power and sturdy build, it can stand up to the roughest treatment and still come on top.


  • Right weight distribution for easy handling
  • Access to deep lug nuts
  • Powerful and high-speed torque


  • Does not have a variable speed setting


The Mophorn 1 Inch Impact Wrench is a great power tool. Its build quality, high torque generation, and extended anvil make it a great pick for most fastening applications. It can loosen wheel lug nuts and flywheel bolts without a hiccup. All in all, it is great for a domestic or industrial maintenance worker.


Buying Guide: Get the Best 1 Inch Impact Wrench of 2022!

With a lot of options on the market, it can really become a hassle to pick out the best one for you. Hours of research have lead us to come up with the perfect metric to judge 1 Inch Impact Wrenches. This buying guide features the most fundamental features and considerations that the best 1 Inch Impact Wrenches should definitely include.

Torque Generation and Impact Force

The most important function that any impact wrench serves is the dislodging and assembly of the most resistive lug nuts, bolts and sockets, and to do this they need to generate thundering torque. Stubborn lug nuts would never move unless their inertia and friction are not overcome by the impact force.

To make sure that 1 Inch Impact Wrenches are not a worthwhile investment, and can actually perform in heavy-duty and power-intensive jobs, users should look for power-tools that have a strong torque generating mechanism, and high value of maximum torque.

Durability and Build Quality

Repair work is really a demanding job. It constantly generates a lot of material stress, fatigue and impact force which can cause failure. To prevent this from happening, the best 1 Inch Impact wrenches should feature a very durable and powerful build quality.

Ranging from strong aluminum housings that are embedded with composite reinforcements or metal alloy frames, the best impact wrenches should strike a perfect balance between sturdiness and power, while still being lightweight and easy to wield.

Comfort Extensions

Excessive usage of a 1-inch Impact Wrench can generate a lot of stress, fatigue and pain buildup in the arms, wrists, and hands of the user. This can cause significant disruption in the efficacy and efficiency of tasks that are carried out, making a maintenance worker slack in his or her job.

To make sure that users do not wear out by hours of usage, or face a lot of pain in their hands, the best 1 Inch Impact Wrenches should have a considerable comfort design. This can range from comfortable gripping handles to soft cushion-like materials for a desirable exposure.


Power tools can revolutionize any engaging workplace. From maintenance workshops to job shops and automotive repair centers, 1 Inch Impact Wrenches have a lot of impact. They can cut costs by half, and power through the toughest of lug nuts with ease.

By opting for the best 1 Inch Impact Wrenches, the aspiring domestic handy person, and the industrial worker, both can tread the path of minimum effort and maximum output. Equipping you with the best products and a personalized buying guide was our job. Yours is to fasten with finesse!


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