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5 Best Battery Powered Impact Wrench – 2023 Top Picks Only

BySomiala Obgorto

Apr 12, 2020

Best Battery Powered Impact Wrench

You realize the importance of a battery powered impact wrench only when you are sitting in heaps of tangled wires that just won’t untwine to let you focus on the vexing task of tackling hard-to-budge bolts and nuts.

A battery powered impact wrench not only rids you of those nasty tangles of wires but also from the constant search for switchboards along with the horror when you realize there are no switchboards nearby to plug your tool in.

With a battery powered impact wrench, all you need is to pop in a couple of batteries and voila! The machine will be up and running in a flash.

The compact and lightweight design adds to the list of qualities which make a battery powered impact wrench easier to be taken up to the “crime scene”. You should know that being small in size does not belittle the utility of your impact wrench. It is still capable of delivering high amount of torque to bust those jammed nuts.

Best Battery Powered Impact Wrench Reviews in 2023

However, selecting a good battery powered wrench can be a tiring task that will require a lot of search and testing. That is why we have made up a list of some of the best battery powered impact wrenches along with a buyer’s guide to help you pick one best for the job. So, what are you waiting for? Read the article and buy one to make your life easier.


1) Milwaukee 2767-20 M18 Battery Powered Impact Wrench:


This battery powered impact wrench is a magical beast that carries so much power in its small, compact and light weighted size. Milwaukee has made sure to include all the features that a user wants from an impact wrench in to their model. It is loaded with handy functions that will make getting rid of those stubborn nuts and bolts, a breeze.

It has friction ring design that delivers 1000 ft/lbs of nut fastening torque and 1400 ft/lbs of nut busting torque enables it to break off and get rid of those jammed nuts in just a couple of seconds.

It comes with red lithium batteries that are the next generation in lithium Ion technology. These batteries will provide unmatched runtime, performance and durability for the all kind of job from light work to heavy duty. The 4-mode drive control with bolt removal mode will give you even more control over your impact wrench. Bolt removal mode provides maximum nut-busting torque to break fasteners free and then slows to 750rpm for more control when removing fasteners.

It has a very user friendly design, it is only 8 inches in length so carrying it should be no trouble and the cherry on top is that it has a rubber mold over the handle that gives you more stable and comfortable grip.

It comes with a protection function that will keep your impact wrench and its battery safe and protected even in times when it is being overused. Lastly, the led light will have your back when you are working in dimly lit places or cornered spots where there is no light; the led light is bright enough for you to clearly see.


  • LED light
  • Strong red lithium batteries
  • Protection from overloading
  • Friction ring anvil
  • Rubber mold
  • Lightweight
  • Bolt removal mode


  • Expensive

Bottom line:

If you want an impact wrench that is run by strong batteries and works like wonder then get your hands on this one. Mind you, you will need to pay a bit hefty price for all of its handy functions.


2) Neiko 10878A Battery Powered Impact Wrench:

This battery powered impact wrench is made to ease your jobs for you by helping you bust stubborn lug nuts and jammed bolts in a couple of seconds.

It comes bearing a strong motor that is powered by lithium ion 20 volt 4.0 Ah batteries. The pro-grade rechargeable lithium batteries provide a long battery life and maximum performance.

The motor will provide you with power that will be more than enough to do all the fastening and unfastening jobs. The powerful motor produces 300 feet/pound maximum torque, with a no-load speed of 0 to 3000 RPM and impact frequency of 0 to 3500 BPM to deliver optimum performance. This high torque makes it suitable for tough and heavy duty jobs.

It comes with a speed control button which can take you from low to high speed with just a touch of button. Being able to adjust the speed of your impact wrench gives you so much control over it and lets you get the most out of it. The reverse and forward button is present at the side of the wrench.

This battery powered impact wrench weighs 10 pounds which is a bit heavy for such a small tool which is why it comes with a belt clip as well that will let you hook it on your belts when you are done with it. Rubber coated handle is the last good inclusion in this impact wrench, that will not just give you a comfortable grip over it but will also prevent the wrench from slipping from your hands, all the while making it durable too.


  • Speed control
  • Storage case
  • Rubber coat
  • Lithium ion batteries
  • Affordable
  • Easy to handle


  • A bit heavy

Bottom line:

If you are investing in this battery powered impact wrench know that you are buying a tool that will deliver best performance and will last you a good couple of years.


3) Ridgid r86011b Battery Powered Impact Wrench:

This battery powered impact wrench will help you forget all about those wrestling matches that you had to have with jammed bolts and nuts. With its brushless motor that runs on 18 volt lithium ion batteries, you will pop off all the stubborn nuts in just a couple of second, not just removing you can also tighten all the loose nuts. Brushless motor also gives your machines 50% more work time and extends its life. This wrench works with maximum torque output of 485 ft/lbs. of torque in forward and 620 ft/lbs. of torque in reverse for heavy-duty applications.

It comes with 4 speed options available. With just a push of a button you can quickly switch between these choices and get the one that best fits the fasteners at hand. Adjustable speed also means you won’t have to pull this out of the storage for only one particular form of nuts; it can be used for all different forms of fastening and unfastening work.

A great inclusion in this machine is the auto mode that automatically kills power of the wrench when the nut has been tightened to its full capacity, to prevent over tightening. The tri-beam led light around the chute is activated upon pulling the trigger and gives you enough light to visibly see whether you are tightening or loosening a nut.

There is also a grip over mold across the tool’s holder that makes it easy for you to grip the tool in your hands and does not let it slip from your hands. You can easily eject the bits and pieces from the tool by simply pulling back on the collet.


  • Light weight
  • High torque
  • Led light
  • Easy ejection of bits
  • Four speeds
  • Auto shut off
  • Easy grip


  • Not any

Bottom line:

If you are someone who frequently needs to twist nuts and bolts then this battery powered impact wrench, with its light weight design and handy functions will be the ideal choice for you. It comes in a pocket friendly price as well.


4) DEWALT (DCF899HB) Battery Powered Impact Wrench Kit:

DeWalt has proven time to time that they are fully capable of producing machines that will make life of its user very easy. This battery powered impact wrench is made with a heavy user’s needs in mind and comes with functions that make it perfect for all sorts of jobs.

It has a strong brushless motor that runs on 20 volt lithium ion batteries. You know what a brushless motor means, if not then allow me. It means that not only will your work-time be increased but the life of your wrench will also be increased. They are better adapted, generate no friction, produce less heating and provide better performance.

This machine is for heavy duty jobs, it can do them in a few seconds with its maximum torque of 700 feet/ pound, breakaway torque of 1,200 feet /pounds. It has an integrated led light which can transform your dark working corner into a luminous area.

There are 3 different speed options available which you can turn up by simply pressing the speed button. Speed options give you more control over your wrench as you can use it for more than one type of fastening job.

The base of the wrench, from where it needs to be held by you, has a mold over it to give you more stable grip and to avert it from slipping from your hands.


  • High torque
  • Led light
  • Easier grip
  • Portable
  • Three speed options
  • Hog ring anvil
  • Brushless motor


  • Not any

Bottom line:

This battery powered impact wrench is bound to make life and tasks easier for you by providing you with more functions in less price.


5) 20V MAX Battery Powered Impact Wrench Avid Power:

This Avid Power impact wrench carries so much power in a quite small body. It weighs only 5.8 pounds which is so light you will barely feel it when you are carrying it which is very important. Whether it is stubborn bolt, a lug not of car tire or any replacement work in a construction site, this beast will get it done faster than your pneumatic air tools.

Its motor is run on 20 volt lithium ion batteries that deliver maximum speed of 2200 rotations per minute, making it capable of driving large fasteners very quickly. It gives 2213 in/lbs of maximum torque for fastening various applications.

There is a rubber mold covering on the handle of this battery powered impact wrench which brings a few perks to the table, firstly, it gives stable and comfortable grip over the wrench, secondly provides protection to the wrench.

It comes with multiple speed options which not just elaborate the use of the tool but also give you more control over it. You can switch the speed by pressing the speed button. There is also a led light included in the design for you to clearly see the space that you are working in.


  • Speed trigger
  • Led light
  • Powerful motor
  • Compact size
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight


  • Not any

Bottom line:

If you want a compact, low priced tool that carries a lot in a small body to help you with various tasks, then you will not find one better than this.


Buyer’s Guide: Choosing Best Battery Powered Impact Wrench in 2023!

Impact wrench in a nifty tool that every person that frequently faces jammed nuts and bolts need to have in their garage or shed, whether they are a worker or a homemaker. There are many types of impact wrenches and battery powered ones take the cake for being the most convenient and easy to use. You do not need to look for switch boards or pump up air in them, just pop in some batteries and you will be good to go.

But selecting the first one you see is not a wise decision. There are many things you need to be check and consider before you spend your money on a battery powered impact wrench otherwise, your money will be wasted. To prevent that from happening, the below mentioned factors will help you pick the one best for you.


  1. Battery:

Well it is a battery powered impact wrench so obviously you need to check its battery type. These days lithium ion batteries are the best, they help in delivering optimum performance and do not incur any damage upon the motor of your tool. Also check the voltage of the battery and whether it is rechargeable or not.

  1. Motor:

The batteries power the motor of the machine so just getting powerful batteries will not be enough, you need to make sure that the motor is also equally powerful. You can find that out by the torque along with the rotations per minute the motor offers. The higher the torque number, the more powerful your motor will be. If a machine has brushless motor then that is like cherry on top because a brushless motor increases both the life of tool and the work time.

  1. Handle:

A battery powered impact wrench is a tool that you need to constantly hold in your hand so it is crucial that it comes with an easy to grip handle that will not bruise your hand. The ones with rubber coating are preferred as that not only gives comfortable grip, but also prevents the tool from slipping from your hands when they get sweaty.

  1. Weight:

This is another crucial factor. No matter how many good and handy features your battery powered impact wrench brings to the table, they won’t matter if carrying the tool itself will feel like carrying a heavy brick. A battery powered impact wrench is a tool that you will hold in your arm so it needs to be as light weight as possible.


As many good qualities, a wired impact wrench has it just cannot beat a battery powered one when it comes to convenience and easy maneuvering. You get so much power in a very small body that easily befits your hand. The above mentioned list of some of the best battery powered impact wrenches along with the buyer’s guide will help you pick one most suitable for you.

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