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10 Best Electric Corded Impact Wrenches Reviews Buy in [2023]

BySomiala Obgorto

Oct 7, 2022

Best Electric Corded Impact Wrench

Impact Wrenches are specially engineered for tightening and loosening various hex-head bolts, nuts, and lag screws.

So, If you are looking to perform a necessary maintenance task on your car tires and are deterred by the lug nuts that are extremely difficult to dislodge manually or are aspiring to perform handy tasks around the house but are lacking the drive to wield manual bolt-drivers then Electric Corded Impact Wrenches can rid you of your nightmares for good!

Employing both torque and high impact blows, these tools deliver unparalleled power to breeze through the most laborious fastening tasks with ease.

Powered by heavy-duty motors that generate steady torque, Electric Corded Impact wrenches are an essential weapon in the arsenal of any handyman, whether a mechanic or a domestic user.

In this review, we have compiled and reviewed the best Electric Corded Impact Wrenches present in the market.

Best Electric Corded Impact Wrenches Reviews 2023

To crystallize our research into a useful summary of what to look in the best impact wrenches, we have also developed a highly personalized buying guide, enabling our readers to pick the best product that suits their demands.

The products featured in this review are tried and tested for their dependency, so you have nothing to worry about.


1.  Porter-Cable Electric Corded Impact Wrench

With more than ten decades of engineering innovation, Porter-Cable has always delivered trailblazing power-driven solutions for all everyday handy problems. Filling in the same legacy, the Porter-Cable Corded Impact Wrench is set to deliver power, convenience, and efficiency to all handymen.

Boasting a heavy-duty 7.5 amp motor, this power tool can breeze through any application that ranges from domestic to industrial endeavors. The motor can generate a whopping 450 ft-lbs of torque for installing and removing sturdy fasteners, giving users the power they need and making work less stressful and time-consuming.

Clocking at an overwhelming speed of 2,220 RPM and 2,700 BPM, this corded impact wrench makes it effortless to remove even the tightest of bolts, providing the necessary speed required for fast application. If you are a domestic user, an industrial utility person, or a mechanic, getting your hands on this impact wrench gives you the extra zeal.

With a specialized comfort-grip that does not let your hands shear during the impact, the noise that the Porter-Cable Impact wrench creates is not extremely loud. Combining the best of both worlds, this wrench is set to deliver unparalleled power, all the while not compromising on convenience and comfort.


  • Heavy-duty motor for industrial applications
  • Powerful torque for removing heavy fasteners
  • ½’’ hog ring anvil for easy socket changes


  • Slightly heavy owing to strong motor


Combining a powerful motor that provides large torque, the Porter-Cable Electric Corded Impact Wrench is the right product for any handyman looking for a tool that can enable effortless operation. The high performing RPM can make way for efficient dislodging of lug nuts and other bolts that require a lot of force. All in all, it is a good power tool for both domestic and industrial mechanical usage.


2.  DEWALT Electric Corded Impact Wrench

DEWALT has always prided itself on providing trademark solutions to common maintenance problems. Delivering the right power tools that get the job done with next to no effort is always desirable for a mechanic who is working long shifts loosening lug nuts.

The DEWALT Impact Wrench can generate torque that clocks up to 345 ft-lbs in both the forward and reverses directions. Users can use this powerful tool to dislodge even the most strong lug nuts that have held their fastening for a long time.

Equipped with a half-inch detent pin anvil, this impact wrench has been designed to cater to most nuts and bolts, giving users the versatility to power through any demanding application involving rotary power. This tool also boasts a ball bearing construction for enhanced durability.

As an exclusive feature, this tool also comes with a forward and reverse rocking switch, giving users the operational convenience to easily shift in between modes, just by turning a button. Recognizing the shearing force that can be generated after long hours of usage, the designers have incorporated a soft-grip handle, that restricts stress to be diverted to the hands of users.


  • Lightweight
  • Durable owing to ball-bearing construction
  • Can generate enough torque for most applications


  • The power button can get stuck when gloves are on


The impact generated by Dewalt Corded Wrench is powerful enough to loosen the tightest of lug nuts. With its heavy-duty motor, a lightweight design, and a ball bearing construction, this wrench provides users with power, comfort, and convenience in breezing through their handy tasks. The only drawback is its power button material getting sticky while using gloves.


3.  Craftsman Corded Electric Impact Wrench

As the name suggests, Craftsman has always supported aspiring handymen from all around the world, by offering them powerful tools that can turn a day’s work into an hour’s work. Their corded electric impact wrench fills the same decorated legacy, by offering a staggering 450 ft-lbs of torque and 2,700 imps for removing tough and large fasteners swiftly.

Powered with a 7.5 amp heavy-duty motor, this impact wrench packs necessary force to fasten and loosen even the oldest lug nuts.  To equip users with convenience in usage, the device features a ½ in hog ring anvil that is versatile and provides one-step socket changes.

Not only is this power-tool convenient to use, but it also grants its wielders full control. Boasting a maximum clocking of 2,200 RPMs, this impact wrench does not stop there, and also grants users a variable speed trigger, that allows them to vary the speed according to the application.

Compatible with a versa-track wall organization system, a hook, and other accessories this tool brings a multitude of maintenance solutions to cater to any sort of bolt and nut that needs to be dislodged with specific delivery of torque, enabling users to comprehensively carry out tinkering tasks.


  • Lightweight
  • Strong torque generation
  • Variable speed trigger for versatile operations
  • Hog ring anvil for easy socket changes


  • Accessories have to be bought separately


With its exclusive variable speed trigger, which enables users versatility in their tasks, the Craftsman Impact Wrench is very convenient to use for applications that demand consistent torque supply. Its motor is heavy-duty, let its still lightweight, owing to its unique design. In its entirety, it is a dependable impact wrench.


4.  DoBetter Electric Corded Impact Wrench

With the DoBetter Electric Impact Wrench, users get the best of performance, convenience, and comfort, which enables them to approach mechanical maintenance tasks with confidence. This impact wrench comes with a hard-wearing carry tool case for easy storage and transportation, which means that consumers do not have to worry about misplacing it, or carrying it with difficulty.

With an ergonomic design that adds aesthetic value, the structure of this power-tool includes a soft grip handle for added comfort and reduced fatigue. The forward-reverse rocker grants the ease to switch in between operational modes with a mere push of a button.

For reliable-socket retention, the ½ ‘’ strong Hog Ring Anvil is engineered to not allow excessive shear stress to loosen mechanical implants. Powered with a strong 8.5 amp motor, the DoBetter impact wrench consistently supplies 480Nm of bolt breakaway torque to loosen even the most stubborn fasteners with ease.

The rotary speed of this beast clocks at 2600RPM and the impact force stands at a whopping 3000BM rate. Offering durability and convenience, this wrench makes handy work very efficient, allowing mechanics, domestic users, and industrial utility men to power through laborious tasks.


  • Portable and practical
  • Comfortable and easy to use
  • Stable torque supply for the most stubborn lug nuts
  • Powerful and efficient


  • Long hours of usage can overheat the motor


The DoBetter Impact Wrench is one of a kind when it comes to consistency, durability, and power. Its ergonomic design offers comfort like never before, and the 12ft long power cord makes work very convenient. All-in-all it packs a swathe of features that makes it a good fit for even the most demanding operations, such as loosening stubborn lug nuts.


5.  Enertwist Electric Corded Impact Wrench

Enertwist brings maximum power to the mechanical work domain, with its highly effective Electric Corded Impact Wrench. Clocking at a thundering torque of 1050 ft-lbs, generated by a high power 8.5 amp motor, this tool can tighten and loosen even the most stubborn fasteners with effortless ease.

The anvil speed can reach a maximum of 2600RPM, while the impact force can jump up to 2700 imps, making sure that tasks are performed with conviction.  With an all-metal gear construction that guarantees durability and a long-lasting companionship, the sturdy impact housing on this corded wrench gives it the strength to endure rough heavy shop abuse.

Equipped with a convenient one-handed forward/reverse switch, and rubberized handle grip for added comfort and reduced fatigue, this impact wrench offers users the best of both worlds, efficiency in tasks while not compromising on comfort. To make things easier and accessible during the application, the 9.9ft long electric cord and its lightweight helps a lot.

With a rugged rubber nose embedded in the structure of this powerful impact wrench, this tool is designed to be extremely lightweight. Its high impact housing can endure the harshest of stresses and still stay stable. The Enertwist Impact Wrench offers durability like no other tool.


  • High-speed and power
  • Comfortable use with grip and design considerations
  • Easy one-button switch in operational modes


  • Socket accessories have to be bought separately


The Enertwist Impact Wrench combines unparalleled power with convenience. Its whopping 1050ft-lbs torque can efficiently breeze through the tightest of lug nuts with ease. The only downside is the lack of accessories accompanying the package, which have to be bought separately. In its entirety, this is an extremely powerful impact wrench that is dependable for high-intensity jobs.


6.  Wagan EL2257 Mighty Electric Corded Impact Wrench

The Wagan Mighty Impact Wrench stands atop the list of being the most versatile power-tool. Having a power rating of only 12V, this wrench can be used to quickly and easily loosen even the tightest of fasteners such as vehicle lug nuts of tires.

Simply plug into the 12V DC lighter plug found in vehicles, the low power consuming impact wrench will deliver. For roadside emergencies that require a swift operation, this impact wrench can be kept in the vehicle trunk. Furthermore, the bubble level embedded in the structure of this powerful tool gives users the visual to keep it held with stability.

If you are worried about misplacing important accessories, this impact wrench comes packed in a convenient plastic carrying case so it stays protected from the harshness of the climate, and all the included accessories stay retracted in a safe place. Users can carry this tool with elegance to all their work.

Along with enhancing accessories, the Wagan Impact wrench also packs comfort features. To steadily hold onto lug nuts while they are sheared off, the rubberized texture grip enables a firm hold, allowing users to power through the most stubborn lug nuts, all the while not getting excessive fatigue buildup in their palms.


  • Very versatile, can be docked into car power inputs
  • Low-power but delivers high performance
  • Comes in a convenient plastic case


  • Does not include the forward/reverse switch mode


Offering maintenance freaks a versatile operation, along with low power consumption, the Wagan Impact wrench delivers a steady torque to unfasten the tightest of lug nuts. It is uniquely desirable because of its accompanying plastic carrying case and accessories that come along. In summary, low power can not enable it to deliver in very demanding situations, but it is still a dependable power tool.


7.  Milwaukee 9070-20 Electric Corded Impact Wrench

Delivering 300 ft-lbs. Of steady torque and weighing only 6 pounds, the Milwaukee 9070-20 Impact Wrench offers users a great power-to-weight ratio. The powerful seven-amp motor drives a unique impact mechanism at 1800 rpm when no load is applied.

This model is also equipped with a pin-detent system that makes sure that during high-stress fastening operation, the sockets and adaptors are held stably. The impact wrench offers convenience accompanied by efficiency, and comfort throughout the performance of tasks.

The ergonomically shaped handle with a soft cushioned grip provides a well-balanced and controllable feel to the tool, giving users the control they crave. It is also optimized to achieve desired installation torque faster and loosen rusted or fretted bolts in less time.

With a Rocker Switch for swift switching between forward and reverse operation modes, users can breeze through the toughest of lug nuts without worrying about the effort they put in. Weighing only 6 pounds, with a balanced feel cushioned grip the comfort offered during long hours of usage makes this product a great handy companion.


  • Lightweight and efficient
  • Pin-detent system holds sockets with stability
  • The rocker switch offers convenient shifting between forwarding/reverse modes


  • Low power and torque not sufficient for industrial maintenance


Beating its competitors in making an efficient yet lightweight Impact wrench, the Milwaukee Wrench is desirable for its unique features. The handle with a soft cushioned grip provides a controlled feel during operation. The rocker switch and pin-detent system make this, in its entirety very dependable.


8.  OEMTOOLS 24666 Heavy Duty Electric Corded Impact Wrench

Boasting an aesthetic and flashy green color design, the OEMTOOLS Heavy Duty Impact Wrench is set to impress its wielders with qualities they look for. The input power to the motor of this high-power wrench is 8.5 amps, which means that most heavy-duty applications that require a steady delivery of torque can be carried out effortlessly.

The standard ½ inch square drive gives users the accessibility to enhance the operation of this power-tool with a variety of sockets and adapters for versatile tasks. The hog ring container also guarantees a stable entry of sockets, not allowing them to swivel during the fastening of a strong lug nut, or any other mechanical fastener for that matter.

Not only does the OEMTOOLS Impact Wrench ensure stable operation, but it also extends operational convenience to users, ensuring that this power-tool can last for a long period of time and that too relatively in a great condition. Owing to its replaceable carbon brushes, the rotating anvil never wears out, and firmly grips any socket extension for stable fastening and unfastening.

Guaranteeing structural comfort, the design of the OEMTOOLS Impact Wrench handle features a curved grip. This not only prevents users from vibrations that can cause fatigue pain but also keep their palms held firmly to the tool when facing erratic stresses during shearing of bolts.


  • Powerful motor produces steady torque
  • Replaceable carbon brushes ensure a long-lasting use
  • The square drive hog ring retainer enables versatility in socket choice


  • Does not include a rocker switch for forward/reverse operation


In its entirety, the OEMTOOLS heavy-duty impact wrench is a powerful tool that operates steadily. With a heavy-duty 8.5amp motor, it produces enough torque to loosen the most stubborn lug nuts. With the choice of replacing carbon brushes, it is in summary, a durable wrench that can last long.


9.  Hammerhead Electric Corded Impact Wrench

For users that are obsessed with tweaking their mechanical components, HammerHead delivers a comprehensive tool that packs a strong punch of performance. This impact wrench is equipped with a powerful 7.5 amp motor that steadily delivers 240ft-lbs of torque.

Its structure, design and technical specifications make it perfect for heavy maintenance, installing and removing stubborn fasteners and machine installation. The addition of a convenient forward and reverse rocker switch grants users the control to swiftly shift between operational modes.

The comfortable grip and ergonomic design of this impact wrench enhance the control of wielders, granting them superior handling in intense applications. With its rotary power clocking at a whopping 2200RPM and 2700IMPS, this wrench can dislodge the oldest and firmest lug nuts with ease.

To aid in the enhancement of sockets and adapters, and make their docking exclusively stable and firm, the ½ inch square drive features a friction ring. This enhances the stability of operation during mechanical fastening. Furthermore, with a durable metal gearbox, this tool offers operational convenience.


  • Perfect for mechanical repairs
  • Powerful motor that delivers torque
  • Friction ring aids in adapter and socket docking


  • Does not come with a carrying case and accessories


The HammerHead Electric Corded Impact Wrench is packed with strong features. Its powerful motor, steady torque delivery, and comfortable design enable users to efficiently breeze through hard mechanical tasks. The only drawback is the lack of accessories and a carrying case, otherwise, this product is durable and dependable.


10. VonHaus Electric Corded Impact Wrench

The VonHause Impact Wrench is powered by an 8.5 amps motor that enables loosening and tightening nuts and bolts- including lug, wheel, and sockets with ease. To make sure that the retention of sockets is both firm and stable, the ½ inch Hog Ring Anvil is engineered with precision. This enables users to work in confined and awkward spaces with comfort.

When it comes to tire changes and mechanical maintenance of fasteners, a high torque is required and the VonHaus impact wrench delivers that with minimal exertion. Accompanied by four-socket sizes, this power-tool and set are fit to deliver a selection of the most use sockets to its wielders, enabling them to take on a variety of maintenance tasks.

To give users total control, the impact wrench is designed to include a dual-bearing armature system that actively filters out shocking vibrations. The filtering of vibrations prevents excessive accumulation of fatigue over prolonged hours of usage, giving users the comfort they deserve during high-intensity work.

Accompanied with a sleek, yet protective carrying case, all the components of the impact wrench can fit neatly within- making this tool perfect for safe transportation to workplaces, and storage when not in use. Lastly, the internal innovative planetary gear system provides a smart motion control as well as a lightweight construction.


  • Grants users total control owing to the design
  • Storage case perfectly retracts all components safely
  • The internal planetary mechanism offers precise motion control


  • Advanced machine suitable for the most advanced applications


In its entirety, the VonHaus impact wrench is the most innovative tool that delivers luxury to all maintenance geeks. Equipped with nuanced internal planetary mechanisms, this impact wrench offers motion control and a lightweight feel for long hours of usage. This tool is slightly complex for beginners and is perfect for industrial usage.


Buyer’s Guide: How to Choose Best Electric Corded Impact Wrench in 2o23?

Maintenance tasks require a lot of precision and stability when performing them, and for that, it is imperative that users are holding an Electric Corde Impact Wrench that feels comfortable in their hands, and grants them the confidence to power through.

With a range of dynamic qualities that vary from one impact wrench to the other, we have listed down the most essential features that you should look in when buying an Electric Corded Impact Wrench, in this tailor-made buying guide. This will not only equip you with a machine that is built for you but also enable you to cut through the mess of uncertainty.

Motor Power and Maximum Torque

Impact wrenches are the most important tools when it comes to dislodging and fastening sturdy fasteners such as lug nuts, bolts, sockets, and other mechanical components. These devices require a lot of torque to overcome the friction with which they are embedded and for that, a strong Impact Wrench is required.

Users should look for an electric impact wrench that boasts a powerful motor that can deliver steady torque, making it able to overcome even the most stubborn lug nuts with effortless ease.

Retention Ability of Anvil

During a high-intensity task such as dislodging the most stubborn bolt on a tire, it is very important that the socket of the impact wrench operates in a stable mode. This essential feature can only be secured by looking for an impact wrench that boasts a Hog Ring Anvil that has a friction mechanism to firmly grasp the extension sockets. This will not only allow the wrench to power through stably but also prevent the carbon brushes from wearing out quickly.

Structural Comfort

Wielding a power-tool such as a corded impact wrench for long-hours of use can lead to a lot of stress build up in the hands of users, because of erratic vibrations that are generated. To make sure that users are protected from fatigue, the impact wrench should feature comfort considerations.

These can include a firm, yet comfortable gripping handle that does not swivel during operation. Furthermore, vibration filtering systems should also be extended within these wrenches. All in all, ergonomic design with extended comfort is essential when looking for an impact wrench.

Accessories and Enhancements

Impact wrenches can become versatile power-tools that can perform a variety of maintenance related tasks such as tire changes, machine installation, mechanical frame installation, etc. And to enable different types of fastening, different extensions to the anvil are required.

Users should look for impact wrenches that come with standard sockets and adapters that make their tool a versatile one. Furthermore, to prevent the misplacement of these handy accessories and the wrench in general, and to increase its portability users should also look for tools that come with a carrying case.


Impact wrenches are high-utility tools that can deliver in the most challenging maintenance and installation-related activities. Whether you find yourself in a tire changing conundrum or are looking to install the new kitchen gadget that comes with a lot of nuts and bolts, these tools become essential to effortlessly power through swathes of fastening and save on time.

To fulfill your tinkering aspirations, and to embolden the inner mechanic in you, Impact wrenches are a must, and we bring them to you by highlighting the best the market has to offer!

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