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Do Impact Wrenches Have Torque Settings

BySomiala Obgorto

Oct 18, 2022

Trying to tighten a bolt and accidentally cracking it in half with the sheer force of your impact wrench is nothing short of a nightmare. It is the result of not paying close attention to the maximum torque output of your impact wrench and the bolt that you were working on.


This kind of situation makes a person question whether their impact wrenches have torque settings that they can tinker with. Unfortunately, not all impact wrenches come with proper torque settings control. But, this does not imply that you can not adjust the torque output at all.


Despite the absence of proper torque settings control on most models, there are a few tricks that can help in adjusting the torque output. The article has every bit of information on the torque settings of impact wrenches. It also sheds light on how you can gain control of the torque output without any settings control feature.

Do Impact Wrenches Have Torque Settings

The answer to the million-dollar question ‘do impact wrenches have torque settings’ is both a yes and a no. Find out the detailed explanation below.

Torque Settings On Impact Wrenches

The torque settings adjustment feature of an impact wrench is quite a nifty one. It allows the users to adjust the torque output of their impact wrench. So, they can easily alter it according to the size and condition of the nut, or bolt they are working on. However, most of the models that you will find in the market lack this amazing feature. There are only a handful of impact wrenches that allow their users to adjust the torque settings. The Milwaukee 2769 is one of those few models that have a torque settings feature.

Lack Of Torque Settings

This goes without saying that not being able to alter the torque of your impact wrench can lead to damaged results. The tool can apply too much force and break the nuts or bolts in half. It can also tighten them beyond their capacity, and this is just the tip of the iceberg. Without being able to adjust the torque, it can become quite difficult to use an impact wrench.

Adjusting Torque Without The Settings

If you are one of the unlucky people who have an impact wrench that does not have torque settings, do not fret. There is a solution for everything, so there are a few ways to adjust the tightening torque of your tool even with the lack of the proper settings. For most of the methods of adjusting torque without the settings, you will need to get attachments for your tool.

First Method

The first method of altering and controlling the torque output of your impact wrench is by using an air regulator. This is suitable for the air impact wrenches that operate on air compressors. You can install this regulator between the impact wrench and the hose connecting the tool to the air compressor. With the regulator, the users are able to control the amount of compressed air that goes to the impact wrench. Therefore, by controlling the air level, they can decrease the torque output of the impact wrench.

Second Method

The second method uses a little attachment called torque sticks. As their name implies, these are small sticks that can be added to the impact wrench to gain control of the tightening torque of the tool. Torque sticks come with different torque output levels. So, you can pick one that goes perfectly with the bolts or nuts you need to work on and according to the maximum torque output of your impact wrench. When this attachment is added to an impact wrench, it keeps the torque output in check. Once the nuts or bolts get tightened and reach the torque level of the stick, it stops adding more force onto them. This is a great way to control the torque of your impact wrench.

Third Method

The third and last method of gaining control over the torque output of your impact wrench uses another small attachment called a torque limiter. This attachment needs to be added between the socket of the impact wrench and the anvil. Similar to other attachments, the addition of a torque limiter minimizes the torque output of an impact wrench to a great extent. Therefore, there is no chance of over-tightening of bolts or even any cracked nuts.

Fourth Method

If you are unable to get any attachments or simply do not want to invest in them, then there is a solution for that too. There is a way for controlling the torque output of your impact wrench without any external help. Every model of impact wrench comes with a speed control button. You can use that to your advantage and adjust the speed of the tool to control the torque. In addition to that, you can also control the torque output via the trigger button of your impact wrench. If you press it too hard and too fast, it will apply more force. However, pressing it down gently and slowly will limit the torque output.


Torque settings control is a critical feature as it allows users to remain in control of the torque output of their tool. However, more than half of the models that you will spot on the shelves lack this specification. Lucky for you, every morsel of information that is even remotely related to torque settings of impact wrenches has been shared in the article above.


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