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How To Choose Impact Wrench

BySomiala Obgorto

Oct 20, 2022

There is nothing more difficult than trying to purchase a decent impact wrench for yourself. With the abundance of different options on the market, it has become impossible to pick one model. However, if you keep a couple of factors in mind, then you will learn how to choose an impact wrench from a wide range of choices.


Even though the basic job of this handheld tool is the same, the presence or absence of smaller features makes it either a hit or a miss. There is more to look for than merely how the tool looks. For starters, you need to be aware of how much power your project requires and then search for models that offer the required range.


Trust me when I say I feel the pain of every novice out there who is looking at ten different models and can not decide which one is perfect for them. This is why every single factor that can help in picking the perfect impact wrench has been listed in this article.

How To Choose Impact Wrench

With the help of the points shared below, you will learn how to choose the perfect impact wrench for yourself.

Factors To Keep In Mind While Choosing

An impact wrench does not come at a low cost. So, throwing money on the first model you see will waste your money and time. Instead, keep the below-stated factors in mind, and watch how you land on the most perfect impact wrench.


The first feature to always check in a tool is the maximum power it delivers. The power of an impact wrench is usually measured by its torque output. The higher the torque a model delivers, the more power it yields. Therefore, if you are working on a project that needs low torque, then choosing an impact wrench of 400 ft/lb torque will be nothing short of a disaster. You need to opt for a model that offers 70-100 ft/lb. Similarly, if your work needs medium to high torque, such as lug nuts, then you need to go for an impact wrench that provides at least 250 ft/lb torque or above.


Many users deem this feature unimportant which is a grave mistake. Every model of impact wrench has a different weight range. Considering the fact that this tool needs to be held in hand for longer durations, you must keep its weight in mind. Purchasing a heavy-weight impact wrench for occasional use is not a big deal. However, for regular use, you need a lightweight model that will not cause any strain.


Type Of Impact Wrench

This is a very major factor to take into consideration. There are a few different types when it comes to impact wrenches. You will find cordless models, corded/electric models and pneumatic/air-powered impact wrenches. The performance of each one of these types is exceptional, but they are not suitable for every user out there. Before you pick one, you need to be aware of where you are going to use the tool.


For instance, if you need to carry the impact wrench with you all the time, then a cordless model will be ideal for you. Similarly, if you are going to work in your garage and need high power, then a pneumatic impact wrench is your best option. An electric-powered impact wrench is suitable for people who need to work in different places around the house or garage and always have a power outlet nearby.

Anvil Size

Another feature which becomes a deal breaker quite often is the size of the anvil. The anvil is the front part of the impact wrench where the socket is attached, hence it is quite important. You can find models that come with as small as ⅜ inch anvils and ones that come with even 1-inch wide anvils. Before picking one anvil size, keep in mind all the projects that you will be using the power tool on. If you need to attach larger and wider sockets, then it is best to opt for ½ inch or 1-inch wide anvil.

Comfort And Durability

I have seen quite often that when users are picking impact wrenches for themselves, they ignore these two factors. They may seem useless or unimportant compared to other features of an impact wrench. However, the comfort and durability of a tool are of utmost importance. If it is not comfortable to hold, the user will get annoyed by the mere thought of using that impact wrench. Therefore, make sure to pick a model that comes with a rubber coating on the handle which has proven to provide users with comfort and better grip.


Similarly, the durability of an impact wrench is not something that should be taken lightly. If a model hits all the marks of torque and weight but comes with a low-quality design, it will be a waste of money. The tool will not stick around for a long period, and after a while, you will have to search for another model. So, instead of wasting your precious bucks, always check the construction of an impact wrench. Make sure that it comes with a solid body that can stick around for longer, even with regular use.

Importance Of Picking The Right Impact Wrench

Picking the right impact wrench will not only make your job easier, but it will also make it simpler to operate the tool. The power meets all the requirements, so you will not need any assistance to use it for projects. Whether it is tightening or loosening of nuts, the perfect model will do it in no time.


No matter what type of power tools you are searching for, picking the perfect one according to the work is critical. Especially, if this is your first time looking for impact wrenches, you need to be extra careful. Take out a few extra minutes, and read the article above as it contains all the information that will guide you in choosing the best impact wrench.


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