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How Many PSI To Run Impact Wrench

BySomiala Obgorto

Oct 19, 2022

A single round with an air impact wrench is enough for users to know the importance of pressure or in technical words PSI. There is no rocket science behind it as every model of impact wrench comes with its own PSI requirements. You just need to learn how many PSI are needed in general to run an impact wrench.


In the realm of pneumatic power tools, you can not witness the optimal performance of your impact wrench without adjusting the right pressure. Therefore, this step is pretty much unavoidable if you want to see flawless results with your air impact wrench.


Instead of leaving you to search for hours on the internet, I have shared all the knowledge that I could gather on PSI. In the article below you will find every bit of information that helped me learn how many PSI my impact wrench required, so hopefully, it will guide you too.

How Many PSI To Run Impact Wrench

The simple points stated below will make it clear to you how many PSI you need to run your impact wrench.

What Is PSI?

Before we dive into how many PSI you need to operate your tool, first let me shed some light on what exactly is PSI. PSI is an abbreviation of the term pounds per square inch, which basically means the amount of pressure. When you are working with air tools, such as pneumatic impact wrenches, you need to keep PSI and CFM in your mind. Adjusting the right pressure according to the requirements of your tool will take its performance to a whole new level.

How Many PSI For Running An Impact Wrench?

Despite the fact that every pneumatic impact wrench has its own requirements for PSI, there is a general range which applies to all models in the market. Air impact wrenches usually need as low as 90 PSI to a maximum of 135 PSI to function. The models that are smaller in size, and come with small motors are usually found at the start of the PSI range, while the ones with bigger and more powerful motors are present at the higher end of the PSI range. The more powerful and bigger the motor of an impact wrench, the more pressure it will need. 100 PSI is like a medium ground, as you can operate almost every model easily at 100 PSI. The PSI of an impact wrench and its CFM go hand in hand. So, while you are checking for an air compressor that delivers the required pressure, make sure that the CFM requirements are also met. Otherwise, the impact wrench will not function properly.

Importance Of Figuring Out PSI

As we have established that you need the perfect PSI for your impact wrench to function smoothly, let’s talk about the ‘why’ part. As a pneumatic impact wrench will run on airflow, it needs just the right amount of airflow and air pressure. Too low PSI may not even get the tool to function and too high may cause the motor of the pneumatic impact wrench to burn. Therefore, the manufacturers of every model list how much PSI that impact wrench needs to operate. When the users get an air compressor that meets the PSI requirement of the impact wrench, it does not only run the tool. Instead, with the perfect pressure, the torque of the tool will also take a boost. This means that the impact wrench will give its best performance and your work will be done more efficiently. However, this will only happen when the PSI requirement of the pneumatic impact wrench will be met.


Figuring out the PSI requirement of an impact wrench is the first thing that every user should do the moment they get their hands on the tool. Only at the perfect PSI can an air impact wrench perform exceptionally. Therefore, do not waste any more time and read the article above to find out how many PSI to run an impact wrench.


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