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How To Put Socket On Impact Wrench

BySomiala Obgorto

Oct 17, 2022

Has it ever happened that you were trying to tighten a nut and the socket of the impact wrench fell off mid-operation? This is a result of sheer negligence and unawareness which can lead to outcomes that nobody wants to experience.


Not putting the socket on the impact wrench properly will damage the impact wrench, and the socket and may even harm the user in the process. This seemingly small accessory holds a lot of importance. Therefore, it is critical for you to know how to put a socket on your impact wrench the right way before you start using the tool.


I made the mistake of not putting on the socket properly and had to face the consequences. Therefore, I have shared the right method of putting the socket on down below so no other novice repeats my mistake. So, without any delay, let’s talk about how you can fix this accessory in its place correctly.

How To Put Socket On Impact Wrench

The article below will help you learn the right method of putting the socket on your impact wrench.

What Is A Socket?

A socket is a small part that goes at the front of an impact wrench. This part comes with a hollow design, with one side a bit tighter than the other. The tighter side latches on to the anvil of the impact wrench, while the other end makes contact with the nut or bolt that has to be tempered. A socket can be of any size, the users can add one that fits their bolts and screws.

How To Put It On?

Putting a socket on an impact wrench may seem like a piece of cake, but this task needs to be done very carefully. Even the slightest mistake from your end can result in irreversible damage to your impact wrench. The first step is to make sure that you have the right socket. Sockets come in different sizes; therefore, you need to pick one that is compatible with the nuts you are going to work on. After you have picked the perfect socket, it is time to put it on.


As you know, a socket comes with two open ends. Take the socket and place it on the anvil protruding from the front of the impact wrench. After you have placed the socket in its place, you need to push it back towards the impact wrench. You need to keep pushing and adding pressure till you hear a small clicking sound. That sound is a clear indication that the socket is secured in its place on the impact wrench and will not fall off.


To further ensure that the socket sits tightly in its place, you can use a socket ring. Once you have the socket locked in its place, slide a socket ring on top of it. Socket rings come with a rubber ring that has a thin pin extension protruding from its interior. Push the socket ring on the socket that is residing on the anvil. There is a small hole on the side of the socket which is for the locking pin. Locate it and push the extension of the socket ring through it. Once the socket ring is in its place, your socket will not budge from the anvil of the impact wrench.

What To Keep In Mind While Putting On The Socket?

Using an impact socket keeps the anvil of the impact wrench secure from damage. However, this security will only be guaranteed if you add the right socket, and I do not mean the size here. There are multiple sockets on the market, you need to pick the impact socket that is made from high-grade steel. Using an ordinary and regular socket may get the job done. But, it neither guarantees the safety of the user, nor the anvil of the impact wrench. Therefore, it is important to pick the impact socket.


In addition to that, it is critical to make sure that you put on the socket which is compatible with the size of the bolts that you need to work with. Another thing to look out for is to test the socket before placing the impact wrench on the nuts. Press the trigger to make sure that the impact socket is secure. The last thing that you need to be mindful of is always making sure that you hear the clicking sound, as that means the socket is securely fit in its place.


Using an impact wrench with an unfixed socket is a move that will cost you the life of your power tool. Many beginners make this mistake which then ultimately gets them discouraged from using their impact wrenches. Instead of quitting using this handy power tool, learn how to put the socket on the impact wrench the correct way.


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