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How to use an impact wrench

BySomiala Obgorto

Oct 16, 2022

Using power tools such as impact wrenches by following a random YouTube video is a careless step that can lead to a lot of damage. To keep yourself and your precious tool safe from any harm you need to know precisely how to use an impact wrench.


The intimidating name often dissuades people from trying their hand at impact wrenches, but using this tool is not difficult at all. There is no need to buy yourself a hazmat suit, you only need to be mindful of a few things such as picking an impact wrench of the right size according to the project at hand, and you will be good to go.


Instead of summing up the entire procedure in a few lines, I have shared every step in detail in the article below, being aware of the struggles of beginners. Therefore, with the step-by-step guide, it will be possible for every novice to use this power tool without facing any issues.

How To Use An Impact Wrench

The steps listed below will guide you through the entire procedure of using an impact wrench.

What You Will Need?

Before you plug the impact wrench into a power outlet and start using it, you need a couple of things. First of all, you need a pair of glasses for keeping your eyes safe. Moreover, you also need to use ear protection and gloves. Using an impact wrench without ear muffs may work, but you always need to wear eye-protective glasses.

Step 1

A critical step of using an impact wrench is picking the right size. Many users, especially novices, often confuse picking the right size with the actual size of the tool. However, the term right size does not refer to the size of the power tool, but the size of the anvil or the chuck. As that is the part that comes in contact with the nut or bolt, it needs to be of the exact size of that nut or bolt.

Step 2

Now that you have got an impact wrench of the ideal size for your project at hand, it is time to get down to business. If the impact wrench is crowded, make sure you have an extension cord if there is no electricity outlet closer to the workspace. However, if the impact wrench is cordless, then you need to check and make sure that it has all the batteries.

Step 3

After that, adjust the direction of rotations. If you need to unscrew the nut in an anti-clock motion, move the direction button to backward, or anti-clock. If you need to tighten the nut, then you will need to push that button to the ‘forward’, or clockwise setting. Once your settings are adjusted, take the impact wrench in your hand and place it over the nut.

Step 4

Now press the trigger down gently and hold it for a couple of seconds. Once the nut tightens in its place, you can move to the next one and keep going. However, if you are dealing with a lug nut that will not come off, then you may need to hold the impact wrench over it for a bit longer. The hammer present inside the impact wrench will get activated and it will take care of the stubborn nut.

What To Keep In Mind While Using?

The first thing that you must keep in mind while using an impact wrench is to always place the tool over the nut before pressing the trigger. If you press the trigger first and then try to place it over the nut, it will not work and you may damage the tool and hurt yourself in the process. Another thing to keep in mind is to never apply too much pressure. Whether you are removing a nut or tightening it in its place, you never add pressure onto it, the impact wrench will do the job, you merely need to hold it steadily. Speaking of which, holding the impact wrench steadily over the nut is another factor that you need to make sure of.


Using an impact wrench will never be a source of headache, only if you know how to use the tool properly. Otherwise, you may as well prepare yourself for a wrecked project, and a damaged tool. To ensure that does not happen, give a thorough read to the steps listed in the article above.


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