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What Is An Impact Wrench

BySomiala Obgorto

Oct 15, 2022

Tightening screws and bolts with manual wrenches will have you exert so much energy; hence making even the simplest tasks turn into a nightmare. This will never happen if every beginner is aware of the magic tool called the impact wrench.


If you are wondering what is an impact wrench, then let me enlighten you in layman’s terms. An impact wrench is a small hand-held power tool that provides users with torque output which is then used for tightening or loosening nuts. Thanks to the high amount of torque output, even the most stubborn lug nuts can be taken care of with ease.


Using an impact wrench may not be a difficult task, but for a seamless job, you first need to know the tool inside out. Therefore, instead of jumping to using it right away, spare a few minutes and read the article below to understand what is this tool.

What Is An Impact Wrench

The points listed in the article below will answer your question what is an impact wrench?

An Impact Wrench

An impact wrench is basically a power tool which is used to tighten or loosen nuts and screws. Thanks to its small design, using this hand-held tool in tighter spots is easier. Therefore, even you can work on nuts present in every nook and cranny of the house. The tool uses either electricity or energy stored in its rotating part to function. The tool has a small motor present inside which powers it. When the switch is turned on, the motor starts working and the head rotates rapidly. It starts tightening or loosening the nut, which totally depends on the direction of the rotations.

When Was It First Made?

An impact wrench was first introduced in Evansville, which is a town in Indiana. The invention was done by Robert H. Pott. The first model was a corded impact wrench. However, in 1961, a cordless impact wrench was also introduced by Black & Decker. Years after that, different companies invented their own models of impact wrenches of various sizes. Today, there are a ton of different manufacturing companies that design their own impact wrenches.

Types Of Impact Wrenches

Even though there are multiple different brands on the market offering impact wrenches, the major types are the most common among all. Impact wrenches come in two major types; a corded impact wrench and a cordless impact wrench. As their names indicate, a corded model comes with a wire, which is plugged into an electricity output for the tool to operate. On the other hand, a cordless model comes without a wire and has further two types, battery operated impact wrench and an air-operated impact wrench. These are the two major types of impact wrenches that are common in every manufacturing company.

Do Impact Wrenches Come In A Single Size?

Despite a common belief among novices, impact wrenches do not come in a single size only. This tool comes in various sizes, for nuts of different sizes. The most commonly available sizes on the market include an impact wrench as small as ¼ inch to as large as 2 ½ inches. In addition to that, the size of an impact wrench does not denote the size of the tool itself. Instead, it means the size of the head of the tool or the driving anvil, which is the part that goes into the nuts. Therefore, if you are a novice, it is really important for you to familiarize yourself with this tool to know which size is the best for you.


When you step foot in the realm of power tools, you often hear different terms and words being thrown around that you have never heard of. One of them being an impact wrench. Instead of getting intimidated and quitting, find out what this tool is and how it works. For that, you will need to read the article above as it has a clear answer to what exactly is an impact wrench.


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