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What Size Impact Wrench For Automotive Work

BySomiala Obgorto

Oct 16, 2022

The real dilemma of using an impact wrench is not the handling of the machine. Instead, the actual pain starts way before that when you need to figure out what size impact wrench is best for automotive work. One of the main reasons behind this problem is not having enough knowledge about different sizes and their influences.


Another cause of the conflict is the abundance of different models in the market. It may give users the freedom to pick one of their liking. However, along with freedom of choice, the pain of choosing one suitable size for most of the automotive work also arises.


Let me put you out of your misery. If you are relatively new to this, then you need to ignore every bit of information you have found on the internet and go for the ½ inch size. The article below will shed light on why this is the best size for automotive work.

What Size Impact Wrench For Automotive Work

The points below will give you a clear insight into which size is best for automotive work.

The Ideal Size For Automotive Work

There is no doubt that when it comes to impact wrenches, the market is flooded with various sizes. You can find something as small as ⅜ inch to an impact wrench with a socket as wide as 2 ½ inches. However, not all of them are suitable for automotive work. If you have to pick only one size for automotive work, then it has to be ½ inch wide impact wrench. The ½ inch model is wide enough to fit the nuts and bolts of almost every other vehicle, which is the major reason why it is the ideal.

What Makes ½ Inch The Ideal Size?

A ½ inch wide impact wrench is not labelled as the best for its looks. Instead, there are major reasons behind this size being ideal for most automotive work. Especially, if you are a novice, then it is critical for you to become aware of the reasons. The most critical ones are listed below in detail.


The first reason that makes a ½ inch impact wrench suitable for all types of automotive work is the amount of power this size wields. Dealing with the repairs tasks and stubborn nuts of different vehicles requires a large amount of power. Lucky for us, a ½ inch impact wrench delivers enough power output to tackle any crisis.

Motor And Torue

The lead cause of the high power of a ½ inch impact wrench is its powerful motor. An impact wrench of this size comes with a motor that delivers a higher amount of torque as compared to a ⅜ inch impact wrench. The motor of a ⅜ inch does not deliver enough torque and power to deal with the nuts of different vehicles. On the other hand, the motor of a 1-inch impact wrench is way stronger than what is needed. Therefore, a ½ inch is the only one that comes with a motor that delivers just the required amount of torque. Speaking of which, the torque output of a ½ inch impact wrench is often somewhere close to 300 ft/lbs.


Another factor that makes the ½ inch impact wrench the perfect size for automotive work is the battery of such models. These models come with a bigger battery that not only adds more power to the tool but also brings more torque. Furthermore, the bigger battery makes their size just the perfect amount of bulkiness. So, they are not too painful to hold in hands for a prolonged duration.

Comparison With Other Sizes

As I have stated above that there is an abundance of different impact wrenches sizes. If you opt for a ⅜ inch size, it will be suitable for only a handful of vehicles, as the amount of torque and power it offers is not sufficient for larger nuts. A ⅜ mostly offers 90 ft/lbs to 100 ft/lbs of torque. Moreover, the 1-inch impact wrench is too wide in size and delivers more than the required amount of power. In general, a 1-inch impact wrench offers 1500 ft/lbs torque and sometimes even higher. Therefore, a ½ inch is a perfect size as it offers power that is perfect for most automotive jobs.


If you are working in a garage around different vehicles, then you need the ½ inch impact wrench. This is the only size that is perfect for automotive work. However, if you are still not sure, then read the article above as it sheds light on what makes the ½ inch impact wrench the perfect one for automotive work.


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